Urns & Caskets for Ashes

This is just a sample of the many styles of urn available - from the simple and affordable to the handcrafted and biodegradable.  If you've seen something you like and it's not shown here, please get in touch and we'll source it for you.

You can also look at the Scattering Ashes website for more ideas. 

Acorn Urn

Acorn Urns have a specially designed lid and base made from moulded recycled kraft and paper, with the stalk of the lid made from a twist of tissue paper.  They are finished with paper made from mulberry pulp.
Made in the UK, the close fitting lid makes the Acorn Urn ideal for the storage, or burial of ashes.
Light weight (approx 260g) and fully biodegradable.

Natural Caskets for Ashes

Our selection of beautiful ashes caskets is available in different designs and materials to complement our coffins.  Each handcrafted ashes casket comes with an interior double lined, drawstring cotton ashes bag.  Most feature toggle fastened lids with the option of an engraved nameplate.  All are made from natural, highly sustainable materials and are 100% bio-degradable.


Scatter Tubes

Scatter Tubes are specially designed to make scattering ashes easier and more practical.