Why choose Poetic Endings?

Learn more about our kind, thoughtful and flexible approach towards funerals

1. We won't tell you what you 'should' do.

We don't believe there are any 'shoulds' where funerals are concerned.  

A funeral can be whatever you want and need it to be.  There are no rules.  

2. We will give you the time you need.

It might take some time, but we'll help you put together a funeral that truly reflects the life of the person who has died, whether that's something conventional or more unusual.

We're not part of a corporate chain so we don't work to strict timeframes.  We're here whenever you need us.


3. We value the funeral service as a whole.

We believe that every moment of arranging the funeral is important - including the first call you make, the way the person who has died is treated, and the ceremony itself.  

4. We'll take good care of the person who has died.

We'll collect the person who has died and bring them into our care where they'll be looked after in a brand new mortuary space with sensitivity, care and reverence by our professional and experienced team.

5. We'll be open and honest.

We're working hard to change funerals for the better.  That means we'll be transparent about everything that's happening, including how much it's going to cost.

We'll answer any questions you have about dying, death and funerals openly and honestly.

6. We won't charge the earth.

We don't believe that funerals should cost the earth so we offer an affordable service that is flexible to your needs.  

We didn't like the way traditional funeral directors sell their services, so we decided to re-design the system.  Our simple package covers all the essentials and then allows you to create the funeral you want.  

7. We won't use funeral industry terminology.

You'll never hear us calling the person who has died 'the deceased'.  We'll use their name and treat them as a person.

We avoid using funeral industry terminology and try to explain our services as simply and clearly as we can.  

"Louise, of Poetic Endings, has made it her mission to demystify - and destigmatize - death. From her work in New York hosting Death Cafes to her current funeral director work she has conversation and healing about death in a beautiful, subtle, and *healthy* way. She cares about this stuff deeply, and it shows."
- Gregory Wild-Smith