The Poetic Endings Team

We don't look like traditional funeral professionals, because we're not.  We're an eclectic and multi-talented team from a variety of backgrounds.  We're united in our commitment to provide an exceptionally good funeral service to bereaved people.

Louise Winter - Poetic Endings

Louise Winter - Funeral Director & Founder

Louise is a funeral director and the founder of Poetic Endings.  She was a funeral celebrant before she decided to become a funeral director and launch the funeral service she believes needs to exist.  
Before becoming a funeral director, Louise was the editor of the Good Funeral Guide.
She's also the director of Life. Death. Whatever. - an award festival and community that exists to change the dialogue around death and dying.  In 2017, Louise won a Death Oscar at the Good Funeral Awards.
She loves food, fashion, poetry and just about everything else.

Don O'Dwyer.jpg

Don O'Dwyer - Funeral Director

Don is an experienced funeral director who is passionate about providing bespoke yet affordable funerals for everyone.  He has arranged and conducted thousands of funerals, and has experience of many different religions, cultures and backgrounds.  
Don worked for an undertaker in West London for 10 years before deciding to do things differently.  He is a member of the National Society of Allied & Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF), a Good Funeral Guide recommended funeral director and has signed the Fair Funeral Pledge.  
Don is married to Ansonet and has two lovely daughters, Danielle and Aoife and two cats, Chocolate and Snowflake.


Anna Lyons - Community Funeral Specialist - South London

Anna arranges creative, thoughtful and sensitive funerals in the South London area.
She is also an end of life doula, helping those who are living with dying. Her experiences have revealed that people want and need to talk about dying, but they don't know how.  She regularly writes about her work for national newspapers and magazines.  In previous years, Anna was a teacher and fine arts lecturer. She is the co-director and curator of Life. Death. Whatever.
She lives in Nunhead with her three lovely daughters and their dog, Princess Bubblegum, who loves her daily walks in beautiful Nunhead Cemetery.


Tilly Munro - Community Funeral Specialist - East London

Tilly arranges beautiful and sensitive funerals in the East London area.  
Tilly is the eldest of seven children and was a primary school teacher for five years before becoming a mum three years ago. She has spent her whole life around babies and children, watching them marvel at the world and helping them to make discoveries. She thinks that conversations about death and dying are important from quite a young age so that it remains a natural topic of conversation, rather than something shadowy and frightening. Alongside her work, and being a mum, she has completed an Open University degree in Natural Sciences. 

Victor Perry

Victor Perry - Funeral Director

Victor is a funeral director who is highly experienced in taking care of people who have died.  He often supports families to wash and dress their loved ones in a gentle, healing and sensitive way.
He was born in Jamaica but grew up in West London.  He lives in Ealing and has a cat called Mason.

Becky the Florist

Becky the Florist

Becky is Poetic Endings' florist.  After her grandmother died, she took over her floristry business and has been specialising in funeral flowers ever since.  
Becky has her own online channel, where she teaches people how to create floral tributes at home.  She also manages several bands.
She lives in Hayes and has a dog, Freddie Pom Pom.

Annie Streater

Annie Streater - Researcher

Annie is Poetic Endings' resident researcher and an advocate for a green lifestyle.  
She thinks a lot and occasionally writes things down on the topics of the environment, fashion, and human behaviour. Her favourite sweater bears a quote by Einstein that she believes sums her up pretty well: I have no particular talent, I am just passionately curious.  

John Kitsy

John Kitsy - Bereavement Cat

John is our resident Burmese cat.  He passionately believes that people should be supported in their grief with meows and cuddles.  He actually belongs to our neighbours, but spends a lot of time at Poetic Endings where he enjoys greeting families, sitting on the printer and eating Dreamies.