Read testimonials from the families we've worked with to put together truly unique and personal funerals.

Poetic Endings

Tender, loving, care! There is no better way to summarise the level of detail and the consideration that both my father and I was shown during this process. Louise and the team were amazing. Nothing was too much trouble, everything was possible, and she was willing to do anything I needed, to give me a healing and the memorable send off for him.
My dad's funeral was fully personalised and that’s why I chose Poetic Endings, however if I ever needed to put any of my other loved ones to rest I would enlist the help of Louise... because she cares and because she is calm.
Funerals can be sooo expensive, but Louise helped me to create the perfect ending within budget, and she gained my trust that she wasn’t just in it for the money.
Thanks to you and the team- you really softened the blow.
- Tana Forte, Brixton


I am so grateful to you for making the arrangements for and delivering the perfect funeral for my brother. At this most difficult of times, your calm, reassuring, sensitivity was a blessing. I could not have done it without you. 
Every detail was thoughtfully considered . Communication was kind and respectful...respectful of each family member's wishes- in potentially fraught circumstances.
Every detail from the eco hearse, to printing the service sheets twice, to introducing the wonderful celebrant, was managed with compassion and sensitivity.
- Helen Tindale, Primrose Hill


My father Darren passed away suddenly and I was left to arrange his funeral. It was one of the most difficult times of my life and Louise guided and supported me though every step with her genuine care and kindness. Not only did Louise help me plan the funeral I wanted for my father and take care of him for me, but she was also the celebrant at the service. She really did take control of the entire journey from start to finish and beyond. My father was one of a kind and I wanted his funeral to truly reflect his life, I also wanted it a little bit quirky as he was such a character. I didn't want it to be 'normal' whatever normal may be. I wanted to celebrate his life, rather than mourn his death, which is why I chose Poetic Endings. I can honestly say that I don't think anyone could have given my father a better send off. Louise is an amazing human being, extremely kind, softly spoken, caring and supportive. What more can I say, she is an inspiration and I cannot thank her enough. Even after my father's funeral Louise has offered her support. In fact, I don't think I could have held it together without her. I am so glad I chose Poetic Endings and would recommend Louise and her team to anyone needing to send a loved one onto their next journey.
- Charlotte Martin, Kingston

We worked with Louise Winter at Poetic Endings. We have some additional circumstances which needed extra help and expense which Poetic Endings covered off on our behalf. Louise has a special presence and gentleness, she listens and takes everything onboard. Our funeral service was seamless and the team really looked after the family on a very professional level, but with a personal touch. I'd highly recommend their services, we felt the bespoke service and attention to requests and details was met with a very high standard. Thank you Louise and her team.
- The Taylor Family, Brixton


When our younger brother died just weeks after his 49th birthday, my brother Sean and I were not only shocked and grief-stricken, but at a complete loss as to how we would organise a funeral, that would reflect Pearse's flamboyance and ironically - zest for life.
Thankfully we were put in touch with Louise from Poetic Endings.  From the first telephone conversation, we could tell how calm and compassionate she was.  She came to visit us at my brother's home and encouraged us to speak about Pearse.  We were hesitant at first, but with her gentle encouragement, the memories emerged.  Louise assured us that there were no holes barred, no restrictions with regard to whatever we wanted to do to say goodbye to our brother.
- Margaret Lucas, London


Our heartfelt thanks to you for guiding us through such a beautiful funeral for Mum. We truly believe that it was the most fitting of farewells and that Mum herself would have approved. [...] Just know that, thanks to you, we bade farewell to our dear mother in a simple ceremony that was full of meaning for us both, yet was conducted according to her own wishes and which left us with lighter, more peaceful hearts.
- M's family, North London


You were wonderful from the very beginning. You were caring, thoughtful and kind. I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for my wife. You’re a diamond and I would recommend you to anyone who wants a personal funeral.
- Rick, North London

Poetic Endings

It was lovely, just lovely. You made an unbearable situation quite lovely. Thank you.
- A's family, Richmond

Poetic Endings

Thank you so much for your kindness and help on the day. Everybody I spoke to said it went very well. Louise has a lovely voice and a lovely way about her and I thank you once again.
- S's family, London


The funeral was beautiful and unusual and that’s all that needs to be said.
- P's family, Richmond

Louise is a pioneer in making something difficult very easy, with a lot of thought and love.
- Stephanie Turner, London


From our first meeting Louise made me feel at ease. I had so many questions and Louise was able to answer them all, reassuring me that there was no such thing as a "wrong" wish. I wanted a slightly different ending to the service and Louise arranged for it to take place. In essence, that is what makes Poetic Endings such a unique service.

Between the meeting and the funeral Louise kept in touch supporting me through that difficult period. The service was more poignant than I could ever have hoped. Louise's eulogy for Paul was such an accurate reflection of Paul's life.

I would recommend Poetic Endings to anyone looking for a bespoke, personal service. I have already arranged for them to organise mine.
- Theresa, South London

Louise/Poetic Endings were fantastic. Very tactful, caring and considerate during an extremely difficult time. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.
 - Matthew Parker, South London

A wonderful service from a dedicated and passionate team. This is a service for those looking for a different and more special ending.
- Michael Miller, London

Poetic Endings

Poetic Endings is such an appropriate name of this service. I have had the pleasure of working with Louise closely. She is very genuine, caring, humble, kind, loving, passionate and will go out of her way to help anyone in need. I have also talked with Anna numerous times and she is an amazing and compassionate person as well. Our society not only needs the services that poetic endings provides, but, also needs it delivered by compassionate people who have the drive and motivation that sets them a part. Louise, Anna and Don are definitely those individuals.

Louise saw a problem with the traditional funeral industry and instead of sitting back and complaining about it, like most of us do, she set out to change it. Poetic Endings was "founded on the belief that a good funeral can be profound and transformational in helping to accept and acknowledge that someone has died." Louise, Anna and Don help the bereaved to their full capacity to make sure that they have the funeral that best reflects their loved one. They're genuine and they are not about making money off of death- which let's face it, in our society, this has become a huge problem and we can't let it be anymore.

I am very thankful and appreciative or Poetic Endings and all that they do and stand for! Not only do they provide so many amazing, loving, personal and genuine services; they also actively participate in their community and in the death and dying world. They have significantly influenced thousands of others. They started Life.Death.Whatever- which is a month long festival aimed at redesigning the dialogue about death and dying. Louise is also very involved in Death Cafe, an organization that has helped so many people become aware of their own mortality in order to make the most of their finite lives. Louise is the editor of the Good Funeral Guide - "a trusted, not-for-profit resource for helping you to get the funeral you actually want." Anna is an end of life Douala, which is very significant! I believe this makes her more credible and the best qualified for helping others arrange thoughtful and sensitive funerals. Don is an experienced funeral director, who also saw a need for change and wanted to provide affordable services to everyone. He is a member of the National Society of Allied & Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF), a Good Funeral Guide recommended funeral director and has signed the Fair Funeral Pledge.

Louise, Anna and Don are unique, honest, genuine, humble, caring, compassionate and loving individuals. They're respectful and tolerant of every individual and are knowledgeable on every religion and culture. They also refuse to use euphemisms, which, is very important! As a hospice social worker and end of life researcher, (and someone who has been on the other side of the table), it is significantly important that we hear the words death, dying, died and etc. That is how we start to process and move forward towards healing.

I know that I have written a novel, but, I did so because I passionately believe in Poetic Endings and all the amazing work that they're doing- both inside their company and outside in the community. These are the most loving individuals and they have made it their life's mission to help others at the most vulnerable and worst times of their lives. I know that death is not something most people want to think about it, plan for or discuss. However, one day, we will all die and everyone of us will be affected numerous times in our lives by the deaths of close loved ones. When that time comes, you want to have people that you know you can trust and will help you in every way they can. Poetic Endings is who you want if you live in the London area. Planing for your own death does not invite it to come sooner, however, it takes a huge burden off of your loved ones. If this is something that you feel compelled to do, again, Poetic Endings is who you would want to talk to.

I will end on this quote that I firmly believe in and that I believe the three beautiful souls here do as well- that is why Louise started such an important, needed, compassionate and revolutionary company. <3 "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter". - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Thank you so much, Louise, for having the courage to be the change that you wanted to see in the world. Thank you all for helping so many people and the bereaved families that come to see you at the worst times of their lives. You all are blessings and very special people. I am honored to call you my friends and colleagues. You're helping so many people and that is so needed and makes my heart happy. Love and blessings to you. xx
- Megan Mooney, USA