Your Guide to Modern Funerals

Funerals can be simple, meaningful, traditional, modern, green, creative, religious, secular, highly personalised - whatever you want and need them to be.  And most of all, they don't need to cost the earth.  

Here you'll find all the information you'll need to organise a funeral that fits your needs as well as inspirational stories from people who have organised exceptional funerals in the past.

If you'd like some impartial advice or to talk about all things funeral related, please get in touch.

What do I do when someone dies?

Everything you need to know for when the inevitable happens.

Woodland & natural burial grounds in and around London

Our comprehensive list of woodland and natural burial grounds within easy reach of London.

Where can I hold the funeral?

You don't have to hold the funeral at a church or a crematorium.  Check out the alternatives in and around London.


8 things you should know about funerals

What even is a funeral?  Why do we have them?  Who are they for?

Susie's funeral - there are no words

Sometimes there are no words, and that's ok.  Read all about Susie's natural burial and her silent funeral here.


All of your questions, answered.