Unique funerals reflecting unique lives

We work with you to create a funeral that reflects the life of your loved one.  No two funerals are the same.  We've put together some examples of the kind of funeral we could do.


Susan's funeral - There are no words

Paul was heartbroken when he heard his wife Susan had been killed in an accident, leaving behind their two small children.  He'd been to plenty of funerals and was horrified by the idea of a traditional church or crematorium service for his wife.

Paul didn't have any words to come to terms with what had happened so he decided on silence.  He chose to bury his wife in a natural woodland burial site near their family home.  In the late afternoon, silent mourners, all wearing white, followed Susan's simple willow coffin through the woodland to her final resting place.  Her two children, holding hands with their father and carrying bunches of white flowers, led the procession.  As the coffin was lowered, they threw the flowers into the grave, followed by a period of silence.  

No words were spoken; the only sound came from the breeze rustling the trees and gentle birdsong.  The scent of jasmine filled the air.


Heidi's festival - 'Can we have Apricot jam sandwiches?'

Heidi died at the age of 8 following a long illness. Her parents wanted a funeral where her many friends from school, their siblings and the family pets could be involved.

Heidi had celebrated her eighth birthday with a party by the stream at the bottom of her Grandma's garden.  Her parents wanted to capture the atmosphere from her birthday and were keen to stay away from words like funeral and service.  They decided on 'Heidi's Festival'.

A Saturday afternoon was chosen for Heidi's Festival which would be held in her Grandma's garden.  Heidi's coffin had been decorated by her brother and sister the day before and was placed on trestles by the stream.   The festival was arranged around her favourite story, which was read aloud by her Grandma as her friends and family gathered on picnic blankets.  A workshop taught the children to make a floral headdress in Heidi's favourite colours.  The family's golden retrievers sat amongst the guests wearing flowers weaved into their collars.

Later in the afternoon, Heidi's favourite apricot jam sandwiches were served as part of a picnic.  

Heidi was taken to the crematorium the next day with just her close family in attendance to say a final goodbye.