A creative, meaningful and unique funeral for your loved one

As a Creative Funeral Planner and fully trained Funeral Celebrant I will work with you to create a meaningful and unique funeral to honour the life of your loved one.  That may be a traditional service, or it may be something a little unconventional.  I offer much more than the standard funeral celebrant service, depending on your requirements.

A funeral can be so much more than a 30 minute time slot at the crematorium with three pieces of music and standard poems; it can be whatever you want and need it to be.  There are no rules and there's no standard format.

There's no need for a eulogy, poetry, music or readings, if you don't think they're relevant.  We can work together to design a funeral that truly does what it's supposed to do, whatever the circumstances.  It might be silence, 20 minutes of birdsong or treasured childhood bedtime stories; it might be a family meal in your back garden; or it might be a wonderful day of storytelling and celebration.  Whatever it is, we'll take time to figure it out together.

How does it work?

1. Get in touch

Maybe you're already working with a funeral director who has referred you to Poetic Endings.  Maybe you're looking for a funeral director who is kind, flexible, trusting and caring, and need some advice before you commit.  

Either way, I can work alongside whoever you choose as your funeral directors to put together a beautiful and meaningful funeral.

Get in touch with me for a chat and we'll see if we're a good fit.  If not, I can recommend someone more suitable to your requirements.

2. Let's meet

We'll meet at a time that suits you in the comfort of your own home.  We'll spend time talking about your loved one, sharing stories and listening to music.  Whatever it is you need to do, whether that's talking, laughing or crying, we'll do together.

It might take some time, but we'll work out a funeral that truly reflects the life of the loved one you have lost, whether that's something more unusual or conventional.

3. Funeral design

After we've met, I'll spend some time putting together the funeral.  You can be as involved as you want to be during this process.  You'll have full approval of everything that's going to take place on the day.

4. The day of the funeral

I can conduct the funeral, or support you and your family and friends to do it yourself.  Whatever we've planned together, I'll make sure you're fully supported on the day.

Why me?

In a previous life, I brought my unique creativity, writing and storytelling to the world of brands, working with Jack Daniel's, NASA, Bestival, ASOS and Time Out, amongst many others.  I trained with Anne Barber and Dr Tony Walter at Civil Ceremonies to earn a National Qualification Level 3 Diploma in Funeral Celebrancy, and have volunteered at St Luke's Hospice and Weston Park Hospital in Sheffield.  I'm mentored by Emma Curtis of Extraordinary Ceremonies.  I follow the values and principles of the Natural Death Centre and work alongside Charles Cowling and Fran Hall to bring you the Good Funeral Guide.  I have a soft, sincere, warm, friendly and gentle voice which is ideal for funerals.


You were wonderful from the very beginning. You were caring, thoughtful and kind. I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for my wife. You’re a diamond and I would recommend you to anyone who wants a personal funeral.
— Rick, North East London
It was lovely, just lovely. You made an unbearable situation quite lovely. Thank you.
— D's family
What would we have done without you? You helped us to say goodbye to our mum in the best way possible.
— A's family
The funeral was beautiful and unusual and that’s all that needs to be said.
— P's family
Our heartfelt thanks to you for guiding us through such a beautiful service for Mum. We truly believe that it was the most fitting of farewells and that Mum herself would have approved. [...] Just know that, thanks to you, we bade farewell to our dear mother in a simple ceremony that was full of meaning for us both, yet was conducted according to her own wishes and which left us with lighter, more peaceful hearts.
— M's family
Thank you so much for your kindness and help on the day. Everybody I spoke to said it went very well. You have a lovely speaking voice and a lovely way about you and I thank you once again.
— M's family